Do you ever worry if your doing things right?

Look at this guy in the picture. Do you notice anything wrong?

Sometimes we are so caught up in the bigger picture we forget to focus on the deails.

Recently I downloaded a course to help overcome my introvertedness. This is something I have always struggled with and I truly hope to help others overcome. I never want you to struggle with talking and socialising that I have had.

The course I was following prescribed me to work through the program lesson by lesson ONE STEP AT A TIME . Unfortunately, i didn’t have time for this so I skipped ahead. I then learnt how important the earlier steps were. They included key points to enhance my learning.

This is like learning English, you work and work, and jump many steps ahead but you never progress, you learn more and more business vocabluary but you struggle having conversations, you learn idioms but never use them. Well the truth is it is always about the fundamentals.

A basic level of grammar and a good selection of vocabulary will stand you in good stead for your English interviews. The key to an interview is not to demonstate your English skills but to demostate that you know how to expaline your skills in Enlgish. Remebmer you are awesome so keep being you!

For help in overcoming your interview anxieties for English interviews contact me.